Where I’d Like To See The New Star Wars Trilogy Go

kylo ren

Kylo Ren – evil as!

In writing about where I’d like to see the new Star Wars trilogy go, there will have to be spoilers. So here’s your warning. There’s spoilers in these here words. Click away now if you haven’t seen The Force Awakens yet. Continue reading


How To See More Of What You “Like” On Facebook

Do you really "like" what you see on Facebook?

Do you really “like” what you see on Facebook?

Are you seeing all the posts you want to be seeing in your Facebook news feed? Are there friends you never see appear in your feed anymore? Do you constantly see updates from the big names and brands but rarely anything from the local businesses or people who you’ve “liked”? Due to Facebook’s algorithms, the big pages with lots of “likes” and money to spend will show more often. Here are some easy ways to see more of what you really “like” on Facebook. Continue reading

The Dos and Don’ts of Pub Trivia

Don't take pub trivia too seriously.

Don’t take pub trivia too seriously.

Twice a week I host pub trivia on Brisbane’s northside different venues at the Chermside Westfield. On Tuesday nights I’m at the Beach House and then at the Chermside Tavern on Wednesday nights. Being a pub trivia host is the best job I’ve ever had, surpassing even my time working at various cinemas from the projection booth to the candy bar to the back office. Essentially, I’m being paid to entertain strangers in a way that it feels like I’m just hanging out with mates at the pub. The strangers eventually become mates. Hell, I was even asked to MC a wedding for two of my regular pub trivia punters. That was very rad.

It is, in the end, a job. As it is with all jobs there are things that happen that can get on a host’s nerves and even put the other teams in a bad mood. Most people don’t do these things but what can you do at pub trivia to make the night fun for you, everyone else and your host? Continue reading

Better Bolognese?

My Mum makes the best bolognese. It’s the same way my Nonna made it. I will probably never be swayed from this opinion because I think it might be impossible to convince anyone with an Italian family that their family bolognese recipe isn’t the best. Although a few weeks ago I found a recipe that might give it a run for its money.

Is this bolognese better than my Nonna's?

Is this bolognese better than my Nonna’s?

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The Best and Worst of Masterchef

Masterchef Australia

Part of Masterchef’s winning formula are the judges. Gary, Matt and George. Image: Network Ten

The Masterchef Australia Season 7 finale airs tonight. This year we are left with with restaurant manager from New South Wales, Billie McKay, and Georgia Barnes, a health product rep from Queensland. It’ll be pressure cookers and dessert moulds at 10 paces as they go head to head to claim the title of Australia’s 7th Masterchef. I look forward to Masterchef season as much as I do the NRL season. When a contestant screws up a team challenge by trying to make a white chocolate velouté with scallops when everyone else wanted a simple and delicious mussels in tomato and chilli broth, I will get just as screamy at the TV as I do when Robert Lui takes to the field in a Cowboys game. But memories of Captain “Let’s Use The Entire Pantry In One Dish” John aside, Season 7 has served up some very likable and talented contestants. How do I think Season 7 held up against past seasons of Masterchef? Fire up the grill and clip on your tongs and let’s take a trip down Masterchef memory lane. Continue reading